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Clean, Safe Creeks

(from the March 2011 Voter Newsletter)

Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural Flood Protection Program

The Independent Monitoring Committee has just published the Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Annual Oversight Report. The document details the committee's conclusions and recommendations resulting from the annual review of the Program's implementation by the Santa Clara Valley Water District. The Report outlines how critical decisions to be made by the District in 2011 will determine whether or not 9,000 parcels will be protected from floods by the end of the Program in 2016, or at some later date. Your review of this Report and participation in this dialogue with the Board is strongly encouraged.

The report documents the status of the Program's implementation. The Committee is satisfied with the Program's current implementation in light of unanticipated budget cuts by the Federal and State Government. The staff and the Board have been responsive to the committee's inquires and worked with the committee to provide the public with a detailed annual accounting on the Program's status. Those Programs implemented were done so in the spirit of the initiative, which not only demanded flood protection but also requires a natural approach to that protection, as well as promising new trails and a healthier ecosystem.

To avoid costs and to reduce the carbon footprint, they are not mailing the report. Instead copies of the Report are available online at under Programs. Printed reports can be obtained by contacting Karna DuQuite at (408) 265 2607, extension 2944 or via e mail at

Nancy Hobbs