Making Democracy Work

Hazardous Materials

Adopted 1985, Updated 2000

The Leagues of Women Voters of Santa Clara County support:

  • Continued implementation of the hazardous material ordinances and support of adequate funding, property trained staff, and periodic review to assure the effectiveness of the program.

  • Addition of the regulation of compressed gasses to the hazardous materials ordinances.  There should be periodic review required of the ordinances.

  • Planning for the effective management of hazardous materials, including the following elements:
    • A statement of goals, objectives, and policies for siting hazardous waste facilities and for general management of hazardous wastes in the foreseeable future
    • A schedule of actions necessary to implement planning in the foreseeable future
    • Hazardous materials management
    • Coordination among responsible agencies
    • Coordination between public and private sector
    • Incentives to industry for waste reduction and recycling
    • Regulation of transportation: routes, timing, and handling
    • Public education Enforcement
    • Surveillance
    • Administration
    • Funding for implementation
    • An analysis of the hazardous waste stream generated in the county by type and volume, including estimates of expected waste production as determined in 1985 and yearly comparisons thereafter
    • A description of existing facilities which treat, handle, recycle, and dispose of hazardous wastes in the county and estimated capacity of each
    • Management of the small volumes of hazardous waste produced by households and some businesses
    • Identification of those facilities that can be expanded to accommodate projected needs and identification of specific sites for new facilities or general areas for locating new facilities and siting criteria to be used choosing sites
    • Land use criteria relevant to siting of hazardous materials sites and housing

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